Sunday, November 25, 2007

Barrow Alaska gets Turf Football Field

Here's a really inspirational video from back home in Alaska. I visited Barrow during high school for a basketball trip. The whole city showed up for the game and it felt like the state playoffs of football. I can't imagine how crazy the town gets for football games now! There's not much of anything to do there after work/school is over so sports provide a positive option for both students and fans.

More Power problems for Luz del Sur

There was another unannounced outage this morning. Apparently they were doing some work last night and ran into problems which they could not repair until almost 10am this morning. Luckily this time they had everything repaired before the start of the football games (1pm) and the start of 'The Day of Cinema'.

They are showing movies at the local theater for reduced prices and extended hours today in an attempt to promote people going to the cinema and fight against piracy. Obviously is the power outage had continued, this would be quite a problem for a movie theater. But the power came back up by 10am, the start of the first round of movies for today.

Friday, November 23, 2007

This is back to being a public blog

I've changed this Blog back to public. Our private Blog can be found at Mike and Pily's Blog. This blog will contain publicly viewable comments, reviews, rants, complaints, etc and the private Blog will contain pictures and more family related content.