Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NKF Pro Am Surf Festival, Labor day 2009

The National Kidney Foundation of Florida held their Pro Am Surf Festival this past Labor day weekend.I was able to catch the tail end of the awards ceremony on Labor Day, but the rest of the weekend I was busy doing my own surfing since the waves were so good.

Hurricane Bill hits the Space Coast

Category 4 Hurricane Bill passed just off of the East Coast, past Bermuda, and up towards Eastern Canada. Here are some shots from 2nd Light at Patrick's AFB.

A daunting paddle out into the overhead+ waves.
Good looking non-set waves.
Preparing for take off.
Another wave hits the rip and turns into a torrent of whitewash.
Surfing high on the face of a 12 footer.
Dropping into an 8 footer.
and shredding it!
Lots of empty waves breaking down the line.The part of mother nature you want to avoid: 12 foot closeout!

Pictures taken by myself. Surfers unknown. This was on Saturday morning of Bill after I got rejected from paddling out (at another smaller break). Friday night was even bigger (ahead of forecasts) but I didn't have my camera and the best of it was near Dusk when the lighting was poor.

I didn't get any shots of Danny (mostly because I was surfing it). Waiting on Grace now...