Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DHL Lima, perhaps the most stupid group of people in the business?

Here's one portion of an exchange with DHL that has gone over the last 3 weeks. At every turn they demonstrate complete incompetence and ineptitude. I've never worked with a company that is less capable of doing their job. A process that should have taken no more than a week has taken 3 weeks and still shows no real signs of ever being completed if DHL has their way.

From DHL Lima:

"Estimado señor una traducción es para colocar los nombres comerciales en español, usted esta colocando los mismos nombres. Por favor enviar correcto. Muchas gracias"


Sir a translation is to put the commercial names in Spanish, you put the same names (in English). Please sent the correct information. Thanks a lot.

From me to DHL:

Que nombres no esta en Español??? (What names are not in Spanish???)

Reply from DHL:

Estimado señor El item 1 es un ¿monitor ?


Sir item 1 is a 'monitor'??

From me to DHL (after I almost went to DHL's office and started smashing their heads with a Spanish dictionary):


4 Aparato que transforma en imágenes las señales eléctricas codificadas generadas por una cámara o reproductor de video, un sintonizador de televisión, una computadora, etc.: me compré un monitor de 17 pulgadas para la computadora.

Esta es la definicion de 'monitor' en ESPAÑOL.

If you somehow missed the idea here... the word 'monitor' is the same in both Spanish and English. Anyone who does not know this word in 2008 must not have finished elementary school or is over 90 years old! This is just one exchange in three weeks of pure stupidity and incompetence.

Here are the details of this person and company which I certainly hope to never ever use again:

Martha Moreno
Import Assistant

Calle Uno, Manzana "A", Lote 6 , Primera Etapa,
Habilitacion Industrial Fundo Bocanegra Alto
Callao - PERU

Teléfono +51(1) 517-2500
Fax +51(1) 574-9073"

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