Thursday, September 11, 2008

More business issues in Peru, this time Punto Celeste
Lince, Peru

We contracted them to print up and design all of our invitations. We worked with them for about 3 weeks to finalize the design. It was something new (based on US versions) but they said that they could do it. It took many weeks and many test prints and examples until things were finally ready.

Then once we had finalized the design we took a look at the final example. There one a small issue with those prints, but Catherine told us that would be adjusted for the final design. We approved this design and just had to finish our messages.

During the couple weeks it took us to finalize the messages, send them to Punto Celeste, receive the demo prints, repeat, etc. Catherine was sent into the 'field' rather than working in the office. So we suddenly stopped getting replies to our emails and requests for help from Punto Celeste. After a number of phone calls and a lot of confusion, we found out that the lady we had worked with for over 2 months was no longer going to be helping us at all. We also found out that her replacement had no idea who we were or what we wanted. Apparently Catherine had not written everything down and did not pass any of it on to her replacement.

It took a couple days more for her to setup a meeting with her replacement and transfer some of the knowledge. We had wanted the printing to start about a week before this but we could not contact anyone who knew what we needed. So an additional couple days of delays was a big problem, but we had no choice. We were flying to the US in July and had planned to send many of the invitations from the US, but because of Punto Celeste delays this wasn't able to happen. This will end up costing us an additional $100-300 in shipping.

Finally after we talked to the new girl and re-explained every single thing to her again (a couple more multi-hour visits to the office), they finally started printing up the invitations. We had initially been told it would take about 7-10 days, but it ended up taking about 3 weeks to complete.

Then when we finally got the invitations, they (reception, wedding, rehearsal dinner invites) were incorrect. Apparently Catherine had forgotten to tell the new girl about some of the details and there was a missing step in the printing process.

We spent many hours working on these invitations with them over the period of 3 months or so. But Punto Celeste messed them up and now we don't have time for them to reprint everything because they have already delayed so much. They have offered us 100 free Thank You notes, but we haven't been able to go take a look at samples of those yet.

The missing and incorrect parts of the invitations cost us over $330. So hopefully these Thank You notes are very nice.

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