Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Take a look at this article that lists a number of surprising and terrifying predictions about climate change in 1970!

We still do not understand how the sun works. We still do not understand how the oceans work. We still have extremely limited data on most all natural events on this planet. It is like a young child trying to predict the future of NYC accurately 200 years in advance. The planet is billions of years old and we've been around less than ten thousand years.

We are learning at a rapid rate. With new knowledge there is always a deluge of people who want to twist it to press their agenda and prophesize the future of mankind. That is why things like Wikipedia, Discovery, History Channel, Itunes U, etc are so powerful. They keep a small portion of the population from monopolizing knowledge, something that has always caused problems for mankind. Of course it is still a problem for a portion of mankind (Cuba, North Korea, and others).

Hopefully everyone survived Earth Day without having a heart attack or break down caused by fear mongering speculators.

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Mark said...

Good story ;o)
I agree!! Plus a LOT of people have adopted a religious zeal to their "mother earth" beliefs, and they will not tolerate anyone expressing anything that factually conflicts with their "faith", ala Al Gore and groupies.