Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hurricane Bill hits the Space Coast

Category 4 Hurricane Bill passed just off of the East Coast, past Bermuda, and up towards Eastern Canada. Here are some shots from 2nd Light at Patrick's AFB.

A daunting paddle out into the overhead+ waves.
Good looking non-set waves.
Preparing for take off.
Another wave hits the rip and turns into a torrent of whitewash.
Surfing high on the face of a 12 footer.
Dropping into an 8 footer.
and shredding it!
Lots of empty waves breaking down the line.The part of mother nature you want to avoid: 12 foot closeout!

Pictures taken by myself. Surfers unknown. This was on Saturday morning of Bill after I got rejected from paddling out (at another smaller break). Friday night was even bigger (ahead of forecasts) but I didn't have my camera and the best of it was near Dusk when the lighting was poor.

I didn't get any shots of Danny (mostly because I was surfing it). Waiting on Grace now...

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Mark said...

I can TOTALLY sympathize with you! I have been "waiting on Grace" for almost 20 years!! ;o)