Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally done.

DirecTV finally showed up for the installation on Friday Jan 11th. They called the day before to schedule the installation (nice of them).

There was a bit of work to get the installation done (and a lot of chasing the landlord's dog who escaped from the roof), but it finally finished after about 2 hours. Afterwards we had to do a bit of cleaning (lots of dust) but things were working great and all of our pre-recorded shows were still on the DVR.

Unfortunately, NFL Sunday Ticket service doesn't include the playoffs and ESPN didn't cover the NFC playoffs this year. So I wasn't able to catch either of the NFC playoff games this weekend. But I did get to see 2 great AFC games. The Pats look to be lined up for another visit to the Super Bowl as the Chargers are quite banged up after a tough Colts game.

So we finally have DirecTV, Internet, and Phone service all hooked up (a few weeks late). But we continue to work on the beach house. It appeared to be clean when we moved in, but after weeks of cleaning we still haven't finished. We've had a number of water problems as well. Around the New Year we didn't have water after 4pm for about 3-4 days in a row. Then the other day the 'ballast' of the water pump broke, so the water was out again for half of a day. The water seems to be working like normal again now, but we still need to get a faucet fixed (only drips a tiny bit of water).

Hopefully next year we can find a place that's actually 'clean' and ready for someone to live there before we move in. Starting your summer with weeks of scrubbing and cleaning (or moving into a place to pay a maid to clean it) is not enjoyable.

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