Saturday, January 5, 2008

Up and running!

On Wednesday, we went to the Telefonica office in San Isidro to see what was going on. They managed to clarify a number of things. They checked and verified that our phone line was in the system and active as of Jan 2nd. They also let us know that the Speedy DSL techs would come by the house after 3 days (so Saturday). We had to be in Lima so that I could have internet and work on Friday. We tried to get them to have the techs call us before they came, but that didn't happen.

When we arrived at the place Friday evening there was a note from the Speedy techs saying that they had come by and we weren't home. But they had never called us to schedule anything or to let us know that they were at the place. Luckily this time they left us a cell # to call when we wanted to schedule the installation. We called them around 8am Saturday morning and they came by for the installation the same day at 11am or so. The installation and setup only took about 15 minutes and I'm up and online finally! yay!

So in the end, we were told that internet would be setup by Dec 31st and it was installed on Jan 5th. So not as horrible in the end as the expected Jan 8-10th date.

We're only waiting on DirecTV to come install our antennae now. We were hoping that we could watch some of our pre-recorded DVR shows even w/o the satellite but that isn't possible. We called DirecTV again on Friday and they said that it now took them 48 hours to receive and process a fax (previously 24 hours). So we'll have to check back again on Monday. Hopefully they can come and do the installation sometime next week, ugh.

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